Cover for Business name generator Nameframe Fusion and Nameframe Scores give you superpowers

Business name generator Nameframe Fusion and Nameframe Scores give you superpowers

Ben, Founder

Two powerful tools to help you find the best name for your business have just been released by Nameframe for free. Use our business name analyzer to measure objective name properties and see a Nameframe Score, and try our business name generator with customizable inputs and filters to explore new name ideas quickly.

What's a Nameframe score?

Nameframe scores measure a name's impact on the growth of a business or product. They cover primarily objective factors like a name's speed, stickiness, and ease of use.

Nameframe scores only apply to English language names and do not include most subjective criteria like name meaning, audience fit, differentiation, or word play.

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Nameframe Scores cover three technical factors of name strength:

  • Speed: The time it takes to use a name in different ways, based mainly on character count and syllable count. The speed of a name impacts referrals, word of mouth, and viral coefficient.

  • Stickiness: The ability of a name to get and keep attention, based mainly on rhyming sounds plus rare and repeated characters. Stickiness impacts memory recall, mindshare, and retention.

  • Ease of use: The pronounceability, readability, and familiarity of a name, based on the use of common English character combos. Ease of use impacts first impressions, accessibility, and global usability.

Generate good business names with Nameframe Fusion

Nameframe Fusion is our vision for the ultimate name generator that returns high-quality names focused on your specific business, audience, and brand values.

We're working to improve the results, but we think you'll find some surprisingly good names already. Nameframe Fusion is available at the link below as a free version with some limits compared to the full version.

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Nameframe Fusion Features

  • Select your desired input lists of specific names and ideas.
  • Select from three different name styles.
  • Filter by character count and ban lists to hone your results.

These tools are both free versions of the professional naming tools available when you sign up for a Nameframe paid plan. Sign up to generate better name ideas based on your own input lists, then get results filtered by Nameframe Scores as well as domain and social availability.