What's included

  • Unlimited name generation
  • Unlimited name scoring
  • Unlimited name idea lists
  • Access to our private naming community
  • Personal name advice from our team (only in Beta!)


What kind of names can I get with Nameframe?
Right now Nameframe is designed primarily for web-based business names such as SaaS startups, ecommerce stores, and content sites. It can be used for all kinds of businesses and products, but the name styles available may be limited.
What languages are supported?
Nameframe only works with standard english characters a to z, and is designed primarily to work with (American) English names. Special characters such as the umlaut Ü etc. are not supported at this time.
What if I want more than 10 projects?
We can tailor a plan to meet your requirements. Contact us and we will be happy to talk.
What if I can't find an available name that I like?
We can share resources and make suggestions to jump-start your creative process. Contact us and we will help you.
For in-depth naming help, we can refer you to expert naming consultants who can lead and manage your project together with Nameframe.
This is a beta. What if I see bugs or find errors while trying to use this version?
This is a beta version of Nameframe, and yes there may be bugs or errors. However, if you contact us we will fix them ASAP.
Will prices go up in the future?
Our published prices may change, but your plan will always locked in at the same price as an early adopter of Nameframe.
If you have any other questions or need help, Contact Us