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How to choose your best brand name from so many options

Ben, Founder

A big part of choosing a name with confidence is knowing you have explored the space thoroughly.

Aim for a minimum of 300-500+ draft names to start, 50-100+ semi final names, and at least 10-30 final names Starting with a lot of ideas will reassure your final choice.

Using objective criteria like "is it short?" or "easy to pronounce?" will certainly aid your decision.

Select key name criteria then apply them and score each name out of ten points. A name with an average score higher than six should be a good name, and with a score over 8 it may be a great name.

Wait, over 8 is great? Yes and I'll explain why.

There are no perfect names. A name that is available and does not have any obvious problems will help you grow.

Names scoring higher than an 8 are often not available in one space or another, and the impact delta may be marginal.

Next, if you are picking a name as a team it's best to involve everyone who has a final say from the beginning of the project to avoid surprises at the end.

Tip: It takes time for name ideas to develop and grow on you. As you vote in each round of the project you may get a new perspective or see something is missing. It's good to go back and revisit your lists and write in new ideas as you go along.