Next steps

New name launch checklist

  1. Start using the name in writing to create a record*
  2. Register a new domain name
  3. Register social media accounts
  4. Register trademark, if relevant
  5. Create a name launch or transition schedule
  6. Start a logo design or overall visual design project using your new name
  7. Launch your new name and start growing faster🚀
Thank you for using Nameframe! We hope your new name helps you grow faster than ever.
* A note about trademarks
We recommend using your winning name in writing as soon as possible. Use it on your website, your business card, or at least in email because this can become valuable evidence of first use for trademark registration.
At least in the United States, being the "First to use" a name is more important than being the first to register if there are competing trademarks for the same name in the same category.
We are not lawyers and this is not legal advice, but if you have an active business we do recommend contacting legal counsel about your new name. It's best to confirm a name has a clear trademark before you start using it officially in a business capacity.