Knowledge base

Alright what is nameframe

Its a new kind of naming tool that takes you from any starting point and automates every step to coming up with a winning name for your business.

Essentially, Nameframe automates brand naming projects.

When making Nameframe, we looked for options that already existed to find great names.

We found a ton of name generators and domain name resellers and they all promise you can get the best name for your business in seconds! But, of course, that is nonsense. We wrote on our blog about the problem with business name generators.

Instead of giving you an unsorted out-of-context list of names, Nameframe automates the whole naming process, includes a high quality name generator, and guides you to the best name for your business reliably.

Nameframe projects include every step of the naming process:

  1. brand interview
  2. name ideation including our fusion name generator
  3. name availability checks
  4. name voting to narrow candidates
  5. Final name review with detailed name criteria
  6. Presentation of winning names as name context mockups
  7. name registration
  8. name launch checklist