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Name launch

Launching a new name or changing an existing name over should be done in stages.

  1. Register the name everywhere if you haven't already. See name registration
  2. Create a name launch or transition plan.
    1. One month or more before launch: share the message of the new name with all stakeholders
    2. Two weeks out: send a reminder by email, banner, social media post, blog post, etc.
    3. Two days before: send a reminder again
    4. Launch day and for one month or more: Remind people of the former name so they aren't surprised.
  3. Begin a logo design / visual brand design project. You may use the name itself as a logo. The work done in the brand interview can go a long way to inform this step.
  4. Following your launch plan, push the name change live.
  5. Announce the new name widely such as on social media, on your own website, and in emails to key stakeholders and all customers.